About Us


The Silk and Stewart Development Group was founded in 1989 by Leonard Silk and Andrew Stewart. Silk and Stewart develops, leases and manages commercial properties. Their principal objective is capital preservation and appreciation through the purchase and development of high quality commercial properties. These properties typically generate current income from operations and realize appreciation in value from resale. Properties are located in well-established growth markets, including the western Pennsylvania metropolitan area, middle and western Tennessee and the greater Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan market. Messrs. Silk and Stewart are responsible for the development and management of approximately 40 properties comprising over 1,000,000 square feet of space. Projects that are currently under development include retail community shopping centers in western Pennsylvania, Arizona and Tennessee.


With all of our partners – tenants, lenders, and investors – we build long-term relationships. In that context, we have developed a business strategy that not only achieves results, but also helps us to build and maintain strong ties to our partners:

Careful Asset Selection
In choosing a project site, we assess the potential of each location for the long-term success of our partners.
Quality Construction
We build our properties with high quality materials and qualified contractors. As a result, they're solid, attractive and long-lasting.
Leasing Relationships
We build relationships with our tenants, working collaboratively with them to construct the space they need within their time and budget constraints. Our dedicated management team provides excellent service, with integrity and professionalism.
Intelligent Financing
Our financing strategy is long-term, fixed rate mortgages to manage exposure to interest rate.
Consistent Returns
Our projections are calculated realistically. We strive to minimize capital risk, and meet the stated criteria of each individual project. Our investors are our partners, and we put ourselves on the line for them, investing in every one of our partnerships.